Genetic Issues e-Booklet

Duties and Responsibility

  1. Provision of Export and Import Permits on Genetic Resources and Associated Traditional Knowledge (for Commercial and Non-commercial purposes).
  2. Regulation of illegal transfer of Genetic resources and Community (Traditional) knowledge.
  3. Publicizing/promoting genetic resources (species/subspecies/varieties) for Access and Benefit sharing activities.
  4. Surveying and documenting Community knowledge, innovation and practices, and publicizing for use/utilization.
  5. Producing and distributing Publications (leaflets, brochures, newsletters, magazines, articles on newspaper, etc.) to stakeholders.
  6. Organizing forums (workshops) for raising awareness of communities and stakeholders on Access and Benefit Sharing.
  7. Monitoring and regulating (Control and follow-up of negative impacts) genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and invasive aliens species (IAS).
  8. Implementing policy, strategy and action plans on Invasive Aliens Species.
  9. Conducting access and benefit sharing related researches such as bioprospecting, valuation, invasive alien species assessment studies, and Ethno-botanical studies.
  10. Amending the existing Access and benefit-sharing laws and regulations when necessary.

Services, currently provided by the directorate

  1. Access permit given for Non-commercial (Research and Academic) purposes.
  2. Access and Benefit Sharing permit given for Commercial purposes.

Research Work (Present and Past)

  1. Opportunities for Bioprospecting Genetic Resources in Ethiopia (Published).
  2. Economic Valuation of Moringa stenoptala in Wolayita, Konso, Arba Minch and Jinka (Past).
  3. Economic Valuation of Thymus (Thymus schimperi and Thymus serrulatus) in North Shewa Zone, Ethiopia (Past).
  4. Ethno-botanical study of Enset (Ensete ventricosum) in Angacha Woreda (Past).
  5. Bioprospecting potential of Ocimum americanum and Ocimum basilicum for access and benefit sharing around selected areas of North Gondar and West Gojjam, Ethiopia (Ongoing).
  6. Economic Valuation of Rhizobium (Rhizobial bio-fertilizers) in Northern Shewa, Wolayita and Arsi Zones: Baseline study for access and benefit sharing (Ongoing).
  7. Traditional knowledge study related to herbal medicinal plants around selected zones of Southern Nations Nationalities, and Peoples Regional States (Ongoing).
  8. Assessment of Mimosa diplotricha (Mimosa invisa) around selected woredas of Jimma Zone (Ongoing).