For those species which cannot be stored in the cold room and also for economically and socially most useful species, a total of 6 Field Genebanks were established in different part of the country as shown below.

No. Name of field the Genebank Species in the field Genebank Region
1 Mandura (Kona Giorgis) Cordia africana Benshangul-Gumz
Oxyanthera abyssinica and others
2 Debretabor Croton macrostachyus Amhara
Cordia africana
Afrocarpus falcatus
Prunus africana
3 Garano Gorota Goba Juniperus procera Oromia
Olea europaena sub sp. cuspidata
4 Lephis, Arsi Nagelle () Afrocarpus falcatus Oromia
Juniperus procera
Hagenia abyssinica
Cordia africana
Prunus africana
5 Shashemene Botanical Garden Hagenia abyssinica Oromia
Juniperus procera
Cordia Africana and others
6 Assosa Oxyanthera abyssinica Benshangul-Gumz

A total of 4 in-situ Conservation Sites were established for conserving some targeted species in the ecosystem where the species exist. This conservation approach is a recommended approach to attain the actual sustainability of the species. In these sites, in addition to the four major target species, there are a number of species and their lists are not included here. The list will be included as soon we finish the inventory in the areas.

No. In-situ Conservation Sites Target species
1 Tiro-Boter Becho Pouteria adolfi-friedricii
2 Bonga Hagenia abyssinica
3 Setema Afrocarpus falcatus
4 Kimphe (Bishan Gari) Ficus ovata and Afrocarpus falcatus