Microbial Biodiversity Research Lead Executive Office

One of the research lead executive office in the institute mandated for exploration, documentation, conserving sustainable utilizing and access for benefit sharing for microbial genetic resource of the country, Microorganisms have great value of mankind because they benefits agriculture, industry, medicine & environment in various ways. A rich microbial diversity is anticipated in the country but a lack of adequate attention and skilled experts hampers the discovery and utilization of microbial genetic resource in organized ways. Microbial Biodiversity RLO strengthen partially in expertise and materials beginning from 2004 E.C. Currently the RLO has 5 case team (Research unit) Bacteria BDGC, Fungus BDGC, Algae BDGC, Protozoa& Virus BDGC, Microbial Gene bank case team.

Current status of microbial culture collection: EX-situ – Conservation  

Bacteria=(872), Fungi=(390) and Microalgae=50

Total = 1,312

Anyone can use conserved microbial genetic resources to pursue research and development following institutional procedures.

You can find the total microbial holdings through the link here.

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