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Application for Genetic Resource Access for Commercial Purposes

Proclamation No. 482/1998 and Regulation No. 169/2001 states that an Access Applicant who wants to use genetic resources for commercial purposes must fulfill the following requirements.

  1. General information
    • Access Applicant (Natural/Legal Person), Name, Registered Address, Curriculum Vitae, Company Establishment Document,
    • Responsible person for the Access application, responsibility, full address and signature;
  2. Detailed information /financial and technical assistance/
    • The budget of the Access project, the list of organizations or individuals who will support the Access project;
    • The scientific data of the genetic resource (Scientific name);
    • The genetic resource/active ingredient (Genetic Resource/derivatives), the value it provides/can provide in the future;
    • A list of the area where the genetic resource is intended to be collected and other areas where it may be found (if known);
    • Description of the genetic resources required for planting / cells, seeds, leaves, etc.;
    • Amount of genetic material to be collected (in kilograms, Liters, etc.);
    • Community knowledge associated with genetic resources (if available);
    • If the genetic resource for which the Access will be carried out is found in Ex-situ (Genebanks), the identity of the institution that holds the genetic resource;
    • The significance of the intended use of genetic resources;
    • The type and depth of the research, the type of personnel involved and equipment used;
    • The expected outcome of the research/Development and the time the research/ development will take;
    • Locations where the research and development work will take place;
    • If Ethiopian researchers participate in the research, the conditions and the depth of their participation;
    • List of Ethiopian institutions that will participate in the research and who will control the process /if known/;
    • Places where the genetic resource may have been initially and subsequently collected;
    • If the Access applicant is a citizen of a foreign country, an authorized body (Competent National Authority) from the country’s government can submit a letter confirming that the Access obligations are valid and enforceable in that country where the applicant is granted an Access Permit.
    • It should include any economic, technological, scientific, environmental or other benefits that are intended to be or may be provided to the country or the local community concerned.

    For further details and assistance, please contact us using the following addresses:
    E-mail: info@ebi.gov.et
    Tel: +251-11-6612244
    Fax: +251-11-6613722
    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia