The NBP-Ethiopia is supposed to play a critical role in conserving the country’s biodiversity and maintaining ecosystem services through multifaceted for the benefit people and nature.

Operations of the National Biodiversity Platform will majorly focus on:

  • Assessments of ecosystems of the country and thereby synthesizing knowledge on biodiversity and ecosystem services with a particular focus on determining the status of biodiversity and ecosystem services as well as trends of change; identifying pressures exerted on ecosystems and the underlying causes; and exploring age-old practices and local community knowledge that pertain to the wise use and management of biological resources and other component of the environment.
  • Executing capacity-building initiatives via workshops, short term trainings, a dedicated, fellowship programs and exchange visits;
  • Engaging in experience sharing activities through lesson learning events, trilogue meeting, exhibition sections, food fairs and side events at national, regional and international biodiversity-related occasions.
  • Engaging in communication and outreach activities by using conventional and social media outlets, dedicated webpages, print materials etc.
  • Facilitating the uptake of assessment outputs by IPBES, EBI and other appropriate national entities.

Reviewing and adopting biodiversity and ecosystem services related assessments as well as National Reports, Strategies, and Action Plans as appropriate.

Working Modalities

The Platform’s operational guide (which is subject to revision) is the primary tool that provides a general framework for carrying activities as stipulated in the document. For accomplishing its missions and attain the specified objectives, the Platform shall adhere to its operational principles (credibility, relevance, legitimacy, adaptability, and equity). Accordingly, all the platforms’ actions will build on a participation philosophy that emphasizes empowerment, equity, trust, and learning as well as having a deliberative approach.

The involvement of stakeholders shall range from reviewing and endorsing of the Platform’s action plan to monitoring and evaluating the status of implementation; shall be based on a collaborative approach and a reasonable technical, financial and in-kind contributions in a manner that paves the way for the progressive strengthening of the science-policy interface for biodiversity and ecosystem services across scales, sectors and knowledge systems in Ethiopia.

Resource mobilization

The capacity building and resources mobilization task force shall be in charge of facilitating mobilization of resources required for the overall operation of NBP-Ethiopia. Potential sources of funds include NBP-Ethiopia members, development partners, and other national and international institutions. The capacity building and resource mobilization task shall be guided by the Platforms, strategic plan to be developed.

Communication and evaluation

The NBP-Ethiopia will facilitate information exchange and dissemination of knowledge generated, using different communication means such as conferences, face to face encounters, social media, mass media and websites, print materials such as assessment reports, summary for policy makers, brochures and press releases. The communication strategy developed in connection with the National Ecosystem Assessment Project shall be used as a major reference for the communication undertakings.