1. Instruction for Ethiopian Researchers

Previously, students of various educational levels, researchers, explorers, etc. have been taking genetic material legally as well as illegally out of the country. However, this resulted in biopiracy, which led to the misuse of organisms such as patenting and hinders the country in general and the community in particular to Benefit from the uses of their Genetic wealth.

Currently, our country has developed national laws dealing with genetic material access and sharing of benefit. However, it is very difficult to control the flow of the countries genetic wealth in various directions without a concerted effort and sharing of responsibility for the benefit of our country and the local community who have been conserving these resources for generations.

Besides following the legal procedures mentioned above, researchers need to be informed that endemic species, wilds relatives and genetic materials of national economic priority e.g. Coffee are not allowed to be exported for study purposes. Hence, the Institute strongly encourages carrying out researches on such materials within the country (Ethiopia) by working towards developing institutional capacities. Furthermore, endangered, threatened and nearly extinct species are prohibited by Law from Export.

Moreover, consult the nationally mandated institution (i.e. Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute ) before going into any International agreement that involves the transfer of the country’s genetic resources.

Genetic Issues e-Booklet