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Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute provides awareness raising training to its staff

EBI provided training from January 31 to February 02, 2022 in Bishoftu, Gold Mark Hotel to its staff on various topics.

Dr. Melese Mario, Director General of the Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute opened the forum with a welcome message, highlighting the importance and purpose of the training to the trainees.

The first phase of the training focused on public procurement performance, public asset management and accounting systems with reporting. The training given by Mr. Zebene Gezahegn and Mr.Debebe Mamo from the Federal Government Procurement and Property Authority and Mr. Amare Derese from the Ministry of Finance.The implementation of an integrated institutional anti-corruption strategy, the responsibility of government institutions to prevent corruption and other related issues by Mr. Leulseged Abebe Director of Ethics and Anti-Corruption at the Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute.Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute of Internal Audit Director Mr. Tamrat Mulugeta presented about the basic concepts of financial transparency and accountability. Audit findings of each centers mentioned by Expert Mekdes Sirabizu. Mr. Endris Hassan, Director of Human Resource and administration at the Ethiopian Institute of Biodiversity given basic civil service laws, human resource management practices and the rules and regulations of the Proclamation relate to human resource management. Director of Women, Youth and Children Mrs. Almaz Kebede mentioned about gender mainstreaming, increasing women’s decision-making, gender Equality, International and National Conventions on Women’s, agreements, policies, laws and the revised Family Law.The Institute’s Information Communication and Technology Director Mr. Tewodros Worku noted about an important role in facilitation of the Institute’s information technology systems. These include the Institute’s website, Intranet, Photo Gallery, E-Library and Geo-portal developed by the department that provides services to the customers and staff of the institute and they are playing an important role in facilitation the institute’s information technology systems.

At closing the forum, Dr. Feleke Woldeyes, Deputy Director of the Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute said that, “Generally, from headquarters to centers we have a new organization structure in which the training is up-to-date and issues raised were very important.”