Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Subject: Letter of Assurance

We have sponsored the Research entitled __________________________________________

to be conducted by __________________________________ (Name of the Researcher) of ______________________________________

(Name of Hosting Institution / University) in our laboratory, _______________________________________________________________

(Name of the Laboratory, University, and Country) in order to study ________________________________________________________

(Purpose of Research in the laboratory) of ____________________________________(Amount and type of genetic material brought by the Researcher). We assure you that the genetic material in question will not be transferred to any other third party without first notifying to your Institute. We uphold, enforce, and observe the access agreement, MTA (Material Transfer of Agreement) concluded between the Research Hosting Institution and the Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute. We also uphold, enforce and observe the access obligations attached / thereto in the MTA and we will follow up and monitor the observance of this agreement.

We ascertain you that the above-mentioned genetic material and its components will be used for the above-stated purpose in our laboratory and will not be misappropriated or utilized for any other research program, or for a commercial purpose, or for obtaining any intellectual property rights. If any kind of benefit arises from the intended research or any other utilization of the genetic resources, we will take a responsibility to share your Institute such kind of benefit based on the national access and benefit sharing law of Ethiopia. We will notify your Institution if any kind of benefit is derived from the genetic material and its components.


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