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Awareness creation training was given to the Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute staff

The training was given to Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute staff on November 25, 2022.

Mr. Endris Hassan, director of the human resource development and administration directorate of the Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute presented the structural organization of the federal government offices, the government employee allocation implementation guideline No. 859/2014. He added a document that includes performance, points given by the supervisor for leadership skills, alternative requirements, minimum passing score, grievance presentation and resolution procedure and other provisions.

Another training document containing the objectives and principles of the Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission’s urgent prevention of corruption was presented by Mr. Bisrat Alemayehu, an expert in the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Directorate of the Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute. He added the nature, importance, principles, suggestion acceptance system, legal frameworks, procedures that are vulnerable to corruption by their nature… have been presented in detail in the document.

Mr. Mequanent Eyayu, the head of the Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute, led the discussion and it was understood that the training was completed with appropriate responses to the questions raised by the employees.

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