Cooperation and Partnerships

The COP has highlighted the importance of cooperation with other organisations in the development of the CHM. It invited all organisations to co-operate as active partners in the operation of the CHM (decision II/3 paragraph 8), and welcomed the offer of the FAO to link its information systems to the CHM (decision II/16 paragraph 2). COP 4 instructed the Executive Secretary to improve synergy with regard to information exchange with other biodiversity related conventions and ongoing information initiatives (decision IV/2 paragraph 10(g)). In addition, COP 5 decided that the Informal Advisory Committee shall have the objective of facilitating and encouraging cooperation with other international and regional information networks and initiatives [decision V/14, paragraph 7(e)).

The COP has given substantial guidance, both in its decisions on the CHM and in decisions on thematic areas and other Articles, on the types of information which should be made available through the CHM. This guidance is listed in the references below under the heading “Information to be disseminated through the CHM”.

The Executive Secretary, in consultation with the IAC, has been asked to monitor and review the operation of the CHM and report to COP 6 on any recommended adjustments to its operation or to the strategic plan (decision V/14 paragraph 3).

COP 6 requested the Executive Secretary to commission a review to assess the current and potential role of the clearing-house mechanism in promoting technical and scientific cooperation (decision VI/18, paragraph 2). In response to the above, a Memorandum of Cooperation was established with the United Nations Environment Programme-World Conservation Monitoring Centre to undertake such an assessment. The assessment is provided to the Conference of the Parties as document UNEP/CBD/COP/7/INF/12. COP 7 called on the Informal Advisory Committee to assess the results of the independent review and to assist the Executive Secretary on measures and actions to be undertaken.

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