Financial Mechanism

At its third meeting, the COP requested the financial mechanism to support the capacity-building in developing countries, including training in information system technologies, and country driven pilot projects to enable developing countries to begin to implement the main features of the pilot phase of the CHM (decision III/4 paragraph 2). It also requested the financial mechanism to implement its revised operational criteria for enabling activities in relation to the CHM to give effect to these activities (decision III/4 paragraph 3). Further guidance to the financial mechanism was adopted by COP 4 and COP 5 (decision IV/2 paragraph 9, decision IV/13 paragraph 5; decision V/13 paragraph 2(f)).

The COP has requested Governments and other bilateral and multilateral funding institutions to provide funding for capacity-building for the implementation of the CHM. It has further requested Governments and financial, scientific and technical institutions to facilitate, including through funding, regional workshops to identify needs and priorities and modalities for implementation of the CHM (decision III/4 paragraphs 4, 5; decision IV/2 paragraph 1).

COP 10 reiterated the need for adequate funding for developing national CHM. In addition it requested the CBD and GEF Secretariat to collaborate to facilitate access to funding for national CHM.

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